Supercell announced that they will be adding new cards in this game gradually for 2 weeks once, IE: Mega Minion, Ice Golem, and Inferno Dragon, as well as a Graveyard. Well, until the time of this writing is created, a new Mega Minion just released by Supercell. As strong as if this new card? Then, how did the how to use it?

Before we discuss how to use the Mega Minion, it’s good we see first stats of this card. Keep in mind, that the statistics below are for standard statistics tournament Clash Royale. In addition, these statistics can also be changed later on when there is a new update of the Supercell. The following are his statistics:

mega minion clash royale

A combination of 3 Minion

Mega rare card included in the Minion that you can find on the Arena 7. If you see the stats above, you will realize that this unit has a health and damage of 3 minions are merged into one. Although similar, it turns out that there are some differences and advantages to this, Minion Mega lho!

Resistant to Fireball, Arrow, and Zap

Unlike the Minions, this unit is resistant to Zap, Arrow, and Fireball
Unlike with regular Minions, minions using iron armor is resistant to Fireball, Arrow and Zap. Therefore Mega Minion suited to survive.

Have A Great Resistance To Damage

Because the base damage of his great unit, this one could beat Princess with at once! Coupled with assistance from the Tower, Mega Minion can beat even before Sparky Sparky had attacked. In addition, this unit can also be defeated the Baloon like Minions — with a note: this unit is resistant to Arrow. However, keep in mind, because of its slow speed, you should be able to put this unit in the right position before attacking the Baloon.

Very Fit To Survive

As already mentioned earlier, Mega Minion is suitable to hold on. Besides being able to defeat Princess, Sparky and Baloon, one unit is also suitable for holding Baby Dragon, Fire and Lava Spirit Hound. Oh, and you can also use this card to hold the Miner as well as Hog! And the most special is, Mega Minion able to withstand nearly all units with high health such as Valkyrie, Lumberjacks, and Pekka.