Hello guys you agree on right if that game the most fun activity, and a lot of positive things that we can take. For example the when the mood we again messed up, we continue to play the game, er later the mood we so back fresh again like the beginning. Even in fact could be a continuity and the more fun to make us forget other things that need to be worked on.

Well because make gamers forget do things need to be done, a lot of people argued when playing games it can make addiction, and make gamers forget yourself.? If you think the author anyway, it really depends on the person doing it. But actually, if traced, it turns out there are the factors supporting aspects influenced the addiction to the game play. Want to know what are the factor , ya author details below Yes.

1. Lonely

People are hard to get along, don’t have friends, not anyone could important, it could be a factor of people become addicted to playing games. And when the people chose the game as the ‘ escape ‘ don’t be surprised if he’s going to feel like a ‘ live ‘ back. Because by playing a game they feel is no longer lonely, had many friends, and some were understood. Gamers like this willing to spend everyday of his life just to play games.

2. Prefer Solitude

There are people who like to social but don’t know the right way so that it is hard to get friends, and there are also people who have many friends but prefers to be alone. Well, this second type could also be a factor in the addictive game play. Because it seemed like no other fun activities that can be performed while in solitude. Yes especially if not playing games!

3. find a new world of exciting
People who are lonely and like alone, when finding the games that make it ‘ alive ‘ then it will make the game as her best friend. Because, people like this feel already found his world in the game itself. For those all the tasks given in the game gives them an important purpose, perhaps even more important than the things to be done in the real world.