Clash of Clans Dragon Troops Update, one of the troops in the Clash of the Clan is the character of the Dragon is more Ferocious than usual because the character could be upgraded to Level 5 so that it can increase damage to the opponent’s base will be greater than that normally

Based on the information that is loaded by a page ItcPos the character of the Dragon level 6 different than usual and much brighter if the drive Dragon at level 1 to level 5 has a color of green, purple, Brown and maroon then Dragon 6 thus have citizens who are brighter red as here as delivered by the Supercell developers Clash of Clans

dragon clash of clans

Maximize 100 Dragon the player must destroy air defense with a number of lightning spell, so the way you win the battle clash of Clan will be noticeably faster besides the Dragon level 6 other characters simply suck up attention in baby dragon that has now been upgraded to level 5 What perbeda dragon and baby Dragon level 4 baby Dragon level 5 certainly stronger than the previous level with instances when attacked by hidden Tesla with baby Dragon level 5 has health rnyawa that more than 5 letters as for the strike rate of baby Dragon level 5 diameter per second as much as 115 overcome point have cost quite expensive for training it takes about as much Gold econd 115, damage per hit 115, attach points around 1,600 a laboratory level 9 true baby dragon has a Defense like the Wizard we can attack the enemies on the ground and even air the baby dragon can Even damage nearby object

Few tips to know the Dragon in updated Clash of Clans with no expectation these tips you can better understand the strength of their respective troops to boost the power of your town hall, and maybe you can be a top player in clans war you may be useful and for ways and other tips about clash of clans you can donwload hereĀ