Today I will share the cheat codes for the game The Sims 2 on PlayStation 2. The games have been very boom is still many devotees are up to now. Cannot be denied from children to adults is very fond of human simulation game it seems. The trick will be very easy, if you follow the steps in the following the sims freeplay cheats

sims 2 cheat

To enable Gnome code, you must press the L1, R1, up, X, R2. Gnome code later will function to enter a code which you will choose. When you enable the code below, enter the codes while the game is running not on the front page of the menu.

1. Skill Settings
If you use this code to set or change the ability on your sims. You need to press Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left and then make the interaction or simply pressing the gnome settings on this skill, you can manage ability of logical, mechanical, cooking, and so on. Next choose between the level of 1-10 in accordance with your will.

2. All Open Objects
The code is functioning so that objects are initially locked will open all automatically. To enable this code, press L2, Circle, Down, Left, Up and then make the interaction or click the gnome, next click and select “Unlock All Objects”

3. Open all recipes
If your sims are very hobby once within the realm of cooking or you want to open all the cooking recipes there so your sims can eat all the dishes there. Do I simply press R2, Square, Up, Down, Right, X Up then make interaction or click the gnome in near mail boxes and select “Unlock All Recipes”.

4. All Fashion or clothing is open
You’d love to open up all the clothes that are in the game the sims so Your sims looks the more okay and look fashionable. You just stay press Square, R2, Down, Right, Square Up and then make the gnome or click interaction near the post box and select “Unlock All Fashion”