You are student who should be involved in art School class  If yes, then you will usually follow a few sessions drawing class. In some schools even made additional schedule in the form of extracurricular activities for students who are interested in drawing. In addition to using paint paintings, most people prefer to use a pencil to draw. In addition to its classic look, some people also assume that the pencil drawing has unique characteristics that were not found on the painting using paint.

You may not one of them but inevitably you have to produce work using a pencil when your teacher gives a task so. Therefore, as a beginner would not hurt you to try some of the tips below.

Mechanical Drawing With Pencil

Initial step

As a first step in drawing course you must prepare the tools and the medium you will use. The first thing you should do is to choose the right type of pencil to make your image.
Often, to produce an image of high artistic value, the artist uses some pencils from one or two types of a different character according to its purpose.

Because every brand has a respective standards, it would be better if you choose one brand for all characters pencil you need so that they have the same quality standards as well.

The next thing you should do is to choose the right medium or paper to draw. Similarly with the pencil, so many types of paper available in the market with quality standards respectively.

However, as a rule of thumb you can use a type of paper that is soft but not biodegradable or peel off when removed so that the process of shading can run well. The right paper for drawing paper types are able to bind colors and display colors clearly.

You may encounter some paper when removed caused the particles to exfoliate paper and the image becomes corrupted. You also might find a paper that is not too good at absorbing the colors so that the results you get less than the maximum.

Usually a sketchbook (sketchbook) sold in supermarkets tend to have good quality, but you also have to be careful with fake brands.
Mechanical outline

To produce images using a pencil, start your activities by creating an outline or draft outline of the object to be your image. Use a pencil harder to create a line of light.
Generally, an image of the object has two coating lines, namely a line of light is used as a guideline to create the basic shape and the second object is a thicker line as a pointer edges of objects.

Techniques for making a light line is to use subtle movements to generate a bit of pressure and traction. Light lines usually do not look so obvious and usually is often omitted when finishing or shading.

After creating a light line, then the next is to create a heavier line to determine the edges of the object element. Start by retracing the original line with movements and pressure gradually. Start with smooth and then add pressure so that the lines that were formed then seen more clearly.

But the emphasis should also be careful that the line can still be removed if necessary and does not leave marks on paper. At this stage the line that you created is still in the stage of development so that it is still possible incorrect and should be removed.

In addition to movement and pressure, at this stage you should also pay attention to the character of the pencil you use. You have to understand how the right character to create different levels of thickness.

You can use the pencil to draw a thick line. It is better than using a pencil point. Mechanical pencils character selection is very important in making an outline and objects Shadow. Understanding the principles of the master line will allow you to create a better image

Mechanical Crosshatching

Mechanical Crosshatching

Crosshatching technique or crosshatching done using small lines drawn close together. This technique is used for the early stages of the shadow effect of the object. You can draw a line in one direction (hatching) follows the shape of the object so that the object can be recognized better.
You can also use crosshatching technique to create a more realistic look. This will provide more value and depth in your images.

This technique can be done by drawing a line in one direction and then draw another line that crosses the line before making the lines crossing each other. The more and close the line, it will be more realistic impression of the show.

Mechanical circular

Circular technique is a technique for creating contrasting textures to make a circle and a large graffiti. You can make a small circle by moving your pencil with a swirling motion.
This technique is generally carried out in line with the shading technique. A mix of small circles that you created with shading harmony will create the effect of light and dark is more real. This technique is commonly used to create the texture of the skin.

If you create a shadow on the object portraits, then you can use a small solid circles with varying values. If the combination of these are truly compatible, then when someone sees your work, their eyes will blend in with the circles.

Shading techniques

Shading technique is a technique to make a shadow effect on the object. Shading is generally produced through the interaction of light and dark that is visible from the hatch you produce. Generally subtle shadow effect that gives a more aesthetic value ketinbang shadow effects are more rugged.
There are several ways to create subtle shading that is using the pencil pencils to create smooth strokes are adjacent, set crosshatching manner to menibulkan subtle shadow effect.

You can also use the tools to smooth shading in order to get a subtle shadow effect. Some people use cotton as tools, some of them using the eraser even a finger to adjust the color gradation.

To create smooth shading, start with a light line with a starting point that varies then lanjtukan by skimming values (value) to push a little harder to use a softer pencil.
Do not force to use one type of pencil to create value for each pencil has character and function of each. Therefore, you have to really understand the types suitable for manufacturing a shadow effect. You can use shading to create an impression that is more subtle.
The final step in the engineering drawing is finishing. In this stage, you can check your work in more detail before making a final result. Begin training your sensitivity to the slightest deficiency can reduce the aesthetic value of your work.

You can enhance the outline or shading that is still less than perfect. At this stage you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your work. Do not let the small ere cause your hard work less than the maximum. With patience and perseverance, is not impossible that you can produce a high-value work.


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