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Is Your Husband Son Mam? See Positive Side

We often think, has a husband who behave like a ‘child mother’ is that as much as possible avoided. We assume that a husband like this always lead to conflict in the household.

Knowingly or not, any differences that we have encountered in the household could potentially be a conflict and sparked a quarrel between husband and wife. Conflicts will be more sharp when we see the husband as a child mummy is so upsetting.

We will be protracted hated his guts are often comparing us with the figure of the mother. Being wishy washy and seem less responsible.

The inadequacies of the husband who seems more obvious by the day will tire you out. And possibly cause breakdown of a marriage.

How do I address the husband of the mother?

Psychologist Rima Olivia, Psi, in an interview with theAsianparent say about the importance of changing the viewing angle. “As soon as we turn our focus on the lack of the husband as the child’s mother, rows of weaknesses will show up and make us more angry at him.

son mam

Instead, we need to look at the ‘child mother’ as an advantage.

“There are people who probably is not raised by his mother, he will grow into a do not know how to treat women. He became rude, seeing women as objects, and do not know how to respect women.

You can imagine when people like this to be a partner for life, “says the founder of the Consulting Ahmada.

Furthermore psychologist who live in Jakarta also said, “So, you should fix first viewpoint. Think of it as an advantage. ”

Often emotions make us forget the amount of excess husband we call the child’s mother. For example: patient, gentle and caring. In addition, do not forget, good habits mother-in-law also decline significantly in children.

Virtues that make up the person of a man, maybe we chose him to be my husband, because we are interested in the position. Attitude is the fruit of education of the mother.

By changing the angle of view, we will accept the shortcomings of the husband as a complement of the advantages we have. Instead, our lack enhanced by the advantages of the husband.

Assessing something positive will help us foster a healthy relationship, harmonious and complementary.

For example, if we have a husband who tends fickle and irresponsible, perhaps at the same time we can develop the ability in terms of leading and making decisions. In addition, we can develop the full potential that we have, however, if we are still stuck in negative thinking, of course it would create a conflict that never ended. It did not help solve the problems that we face in married life.

When we are preoccupied with the affairs of reproach and looking for a husband deficiency. Regretted our choice to the man we call the child’s mother. At the same time, perhaps your husband is trying to remain patient. Trying hard to hold back your emotions and not triggered to avenge our attitude explosive and impatient.

In addition, by changing the angle of view, we will better understand obedience to her husband as a natural thing.

Thus the being-in-law did not appear as an opponent to be defeated, but as a friend who has always been a major supporter of us in the face of her husband.

Nutritious and healthy snack recipes

Was looking for a healthy snack recipe ideas?

Children love snacks outside the home? As parents, we should be able to work around this. For children who are happy ice cream, Parents could try a healthy snack recipes this one, red dragon fruit ice cream is super beautiful.

Red dragon fruit contains nutrients that help the growth of the child. Nutrients contained in fruit dragon among the fat, protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals, calcium, phosphorus carotene, and riboflavin.

Vitamin C in dragon fruit also play an important role as antioxidants to counteract free radicals. In addition, the protein content is high enough to function in the child’s metabolic processes.

Dragon fruit also contains carotene which serves to strengthen the brain and maintain the health of your child’s eyes. Quite a lot of the reason for making ice cream dragon fruit as a healthy snack children. Let’s just try a healthy snack recipes this one.

es crim

Ice cream recipes red dragon fruit


1 red dragon fruit, take the meat
2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk (or to taste, and depending on sweetness of fruit)
100 grams of whip cream powder
200 ml of cold milk
How to make ice cream red dragon fruit

Combine dragon fruit and sweetened condensed milk and puree using a blender and set aside. Whisk whip cream and milk with mixer until the texture is quite stiff.

Enter the dragon fruit juice into the batter whip cream, beat until blended and smooth. Pour into an airtight container and store in the freezer until frozen.

Serve immediately, or can be added topping pieces of dragon fruit to be more tempting.

Can also try the dragon fruit ice cream tucked into bread. The way this one of my family’s favorite.