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Pure Life Garcinia Free Trial

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pure life garcinia
Pure Life Garcinia will work well if you take it well too. How to get the ideal body is to drink the Pure Life Garcinia 2 capsules with the frequency of twice a day, to get maximum results then it is advisable to drink dietary supplements is approximately 30 – 60 minutes before eating, don’t forget to drink enough water. Pure Life Garcinia proved to have helped many people in order to lose weight, and most of the people who consume this diet supplement their successful weight lose body. Such a review about Pure Life Garcinia, hopefully this review can help you to open your mind on how to lose weight.

How to Drawing Hooded Woman

This time we will discuss about How to Draw Faces Hooded Woman using a graphite pencil or pencil in black and white. The technique I use is drawing shading techniques. You can see my other articles to find an explanation about shading techniques.

women art

Preparation and Equipment
Perform initial setup by providing equipment for drawing. In practice drawing this time I use Staedtler pencil, pencil size I use is 2B, 3B, 5B. Prepare the eraser, you better also prepare a pencil eraser shaped (photos soon). Shaped pencil eraser, enables you to remove the field that smaller, making it easier for you to give details. You can buy in stores eraser painting tools or stationery store large your city. I use a pencil eraser brands Derwen, please hunt eraser.
For my paper using paper linen color creams, which are usually made of paper drawing. You can buy them in many stores paper, this paper is usually easy to find. Then on the other I will discuss about the various kinds of paper drawings, look at the menu Tips and Tricks.
Make sure you have the board for retaining your paper. Also do not forget you prepare to parapet painting tripod, use a tripod painting tips are solid and not easily swayed or rocking. The latter is preparing to draw a sample.

Started Drawing
A simple way to start is to start drawing a sketch of the face. I usually start by sketching in pencil Staedtler 3B. But you need to adjust the pressure pencil when sketching. Here are the results sighting sketch:

skect proces
Sketch Drawing Process

Note the sketch above, you must set up your pencil pressure. Pencil inscribed not too much pressure. If you are hard to regulate the pressure you are also allowed to use the pencil-sized 2B, 2B pencil drawback is if you Removing them then the rest of the pencil pressure leaving the curve of the line.
The next step is to draw a face with eyes do first. I used to do this, because by doing eye first impression finished painting will be faster so that you can mongoreksi his character thoroughly. You can menggunkanan pencil 5B to give effect to the black in the eye, 5B pencil effect can give the effect of jet-black eyes terliht so sharp. The following appearance:

Draw the eye.

Notice in the picture above, the face image has been seen live by completing the eyes first. You may take 5-10 minutes to complete the picture of the eye. Very easy is not.
The next step is how to draw a face with dark shading gives the overall light on the face, you can use a pencil 5B, I used to use a pencil 5B as this pencil can give dark effect quickly. But you also have to be careful, if the pressure is too strong then the pencil too Hitan effect will be faster. So that the results of shading will look dirty, you should be careful when doing this part of the face. If you are still not able to regulate the pressure on the pencil you can use a pencil 4B or 3B, but you take a concerted long enough time. To view the appearance you can see the following image:

Dark shades of bright pencil 5B.

Next, you need to give a dark shading light again but this time you use a 2B pencil. Use a pencil to the face looks plastic, you must find the differences before and after 2B pencil. Always thoroughly re-dark brightness, if any part of the face is missing the darker the shade the part. On the lips you also have to do with using a 2B pencil. Here is his appearance:

dark face
Finishing using 2B.

You try to put pressure on the pencil are smooth, not too pressed so that the skin looks plastic. The more you wait to give shading then the results will look more refined. Keep using 2B pencil to complete. Correct again if there is the face that is less dark, you can use a pencil 3B, but you have to put pressure subtly pencil.

After construction is complete the next step you have to work on her scarf. There are 2 pencils used in making the veil, which is a pencil 3B and 5B, 3B pencil is used for coloring light dark early, then carefully which parts are darker and use a pencil 5B to give shading. For background, you can give using a pencil 3B and 2B. Following the appearance of the picture.