Know ye not that spell or magic is the most important component that should exist in the battle mode game castle clash. in addition to the strength of the team, of course you need a spell that will help to destroy, castle clash mod apk inhibit the enemy’s strength or improve the combat team stats your team attack simultaneously. with the ease of this course, you will not be difficult to demolish a formidable enemy. besides looting gems process will go smoothly and quickly. game castle clash, the spell can only be used in battle mode Raid and Dungeons only. You can add some magic spell once added to the inventory available and used in conditions that are considered beneficial during the fight.

How to add magic into battle mode Raid and Dungeon?

How to be able to add a number of inventory magic into battle mode you must buy it by spending a large amount of gold you have. is easy enough, you just need acces Relic Hall (historic hall) and do some exchanges therein


RelicHall (historic hall) Castle Clash

The next you just need to buy some magic inventory in accordance with the needs of the team. select a few that you think is appropriate and then do an exchange with a number of gold. buy magic completed this way, you’ve had some inventory that you can use later on in the fight.

Choose some spells castle clash

how to use a spell or shir in the mess
the use of a spell in the game vary castle clash. No one can be used to create a direct attack on the enemy team or a number of buildings. some are used for your team itself as the restoration spell used to recover the amount of damage received and Ares Frenzy are used to increase attack speed (speed attack). besides that, you also need to use it right because in this game you can only use each of these skill once.

Spell uses Castle clash

as shown above, use Meteor spell can produce the amount of damage against the enemy team as well as a number of existing buildings around the area of outreach from the spell effect. You can use the mode of direct attacks on the enemy.
The next thing you need to know more about the castle clash spell in the game, namely, the ability to spell (level) can be improved as well as raising the level of the building. so to further optimize the effect of the spell you must upgrade to a higher level with a large amount of gold. while adding inventory space spell / magic, you only need to upgrade the building Relic Hall alone.