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6 Facts Unique in Clash of Clans is worth You Go

Can not be denied again that the game COC (Clash of Clans) is very popular since it was first launched in 2012.


1. Money, money and money!
It’s common knowledge that Supercell reap big profits with CoC success. But, you know how much profit diraup Supercell every day?

According to recent reports from Quora in February 2015, the CoC turned out to reap a profit of Rp68 trillion on average each day. An unusually large numbers!

2. Five iPad
For those of you who have long played CoC would be familiar with clasher veteran named Geaorge Yao. So love playing CoC, Yao made Supercell willing to put games in five different iPad and play them simultaneously.

Crazy again, Yao even willing to play these games for six consecutive months without interruption. He says always carries his iPad even when going to the bathroom. get tricks clash of clans gems hack

3. Only 15 People Staff
Another interesting thing about the player CoC may not know is, with 29 million active player in the world, Supercell was only employ 15 people for CoC than 250 staff that they have.

4. Name P.E.K.K.A (Knight Enraged Perfect Killer of Assasins)
In addition to the dragon, P.E.K.K.A unit is the only character in the CoC has changed views on every level. Despite having a high attack, P.E.K.K.A is quite vulnerable with Tesla tower.

Interestingly, the name does not belong to a team P.E.K.K.A direct Supercell. The name is derived from someone who won a contest on Facebook in 2012.

5. Advertising CoC Explode on the Internet
Remember CoC ad titled “Revenge”? These ads featuring the famous actor Liam Neeson (Taken trilogy) and premiered in the event the Super Bowl in 2015. No half-hearted, when normally ad in the Super Bowl only appeared for 30 seconds, Supercell willing to pay a lot to get a slot for one minute.

Not stopping at that, the ad “Revenge” which Supercell upload to YouTube so far has reached over 119 million times on YouTube.

6. Burn Money
Besides George Yao, many clasher which have long played CoC clasher know this. Using the nickname “Panda” at the gym CoC, clasher is reportedly willing to spend as much as USD 95 million in just one month.

Things you should know about hot coffe in GTA 5 san andreas

Some fans of the game GTA San Andreas probably still many who do not know that in the game there is an interesting feature. Either may be because they lack explore deeper or perhaps because of other factors.

Did my friend that in the game GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee is a feature? Features that possible you can feel different sensations when playing. get trick  I am sure my friend must have heard but not yet all that familiar of these free money GTA 5 features. Correct? Now, before I explain more about the exciting features of this one, I want to provide information that is not less important than the features Hot Coffee.

“In San Andreas’s sales have some controversy. Controversy is most remembered is the sex mini-game” Hot Coffee “which was originally di”disable ” but binary code is not removed. This discovery led San Andreas ratified in the United States quickly became a ratings game adults and causes the game pulled from retailer shelves. After the game Hot Coffe binary code is eliminated, the game is ratified recycled again into M (mature) back. ” As reported in the pages
Features Hot Coffee is a game system modifications related to sexual interaction between CJ (the actor) with his girlfriend, we are presented to view the scene without any element of sensoritas adults.gta-hot-coffe
So what is actually contained in the feature Hot Coffee?

Besides, my friend will get more features, such as getting a ‘Freeway pass’ which means that, even though my friend start a new game (starting a new game), my friend still can surpass other cities (such as San Fierro and Las Venturas) directly without getting star , And there are other features that can be my friend found himself in the feature Hot Coffee.

Play 8 Ball Pool Competition Qualities

Play Event in the menu, there are numerous events that we can adhere to, each tournament will certainly have 8 ball pool hack gamers that will certainly play that will certainly win the grand prize that will be earned by the champion, the competitions are available:

Downtown London Pub Event
Midtown London competition play, there are 8 players that will certainly get the top prize of 1000 coins. Price to enter and follow the suits in this tournament is 200 coins.

Sydney Marina Bar Event
The event, which is in this area needs us to register for the 3000 coins to get a grand prize of 18 000 coins.

Moscow Wintertime Club Competition
The charge for this tournament is 5,000 coins and also the grand reward that will be awarded is 30,000 coins.

Tokyo Warrior Hall Competition
Playing tournaments in Tokyo Warrior Hall should have an excellent degree in defeating challengers due to the fact that right here gamers already have a great level so it is very hard to defeat them all. When you intend to play in this tournament we would certainly be charged a charge of 10,000 coins and also presents that would certainly be acquired if winning this event is 60,000 coins.

3. Play minigames

On the menu Play minigames we will be welcomed to play easy games that will provide rewards. Existing video games that Spin and Win, and also Win scrath and Hi-Lo.

4. Have fun with Pals

Billiard compete more enjoyable when we play against buddies we understand. Play 8 pool hack online With Buddies On the menu we could play billiard face to face with our buddies who get on Facebook to attempt experience in playing billiard.

5 Things you need to know about Game Boom Beach

If you are already a long time playing Clash of Clans, you certainly curious to try another strategy game from Supercell titled Boom Beach. When you compare the two there will be many differences between the two. And here’s 5 things that makes Boom Beach better than Clash of Clans.

boom beach train

1. Boom Beach Have Time Build Faster

Boom Beach has only one unit builder, certainly Clash of Clans gamer commented “takes forever to build or just updrage.” But it was not like that.

Boom Beach has build a very fast time compared to Clash of Clans, the longest of Boom Beach is upgrade the HQ level 20 which takes two and a half days. While the longest time upgrade the Clash of Clans could be weeks. Build a level 1 building on Boom Beach only takes a few seconds.

 2. Boom Beach Better In Single Player

Single player on Boom Beach more dynamic. Mission just about winning or losing, if you win will earn loot and if lost will not lose anything. Single player missions are also always respawn in some time, so if you want against the computer again, certainly can.
In Boom Beach before attacking you could spy on him without spending gold, and if it does not attack nor anything there is no penalty. At the time of the battle you can retreat if it is felt can not win, and the remaining troops could be able to return to base.

3. Boom Beach Without Walls

Wall, it is one of the excellent defense, but the process of preparing it and upgrade it can be a frustrating process. Moreover, playing on a smartphone with a small screen and the screen is less responsive, certainly very annoying when moving the wall.
If you feel so try Boom Beach, this game does not provide wall to survive only rely outpost and various types of cannon, so it is not a word in frustration. Although only so you will still be able to withstand an enemy attack.

4. Boom Beach Management Unit Has Better

In Clash of Clans, you can recruit units to Army Camps. Camps has limitations and also every Barracks have limited time to train and also his training time. So to make the Army Camps always balanced requires a tedious and exhausting process.
In Boom Beach, select troop quite simple. To recruit, you simply enter the Landing Craft and select troops who want to be taken to attack. And when you want to replace his army as well the process is very fast.

5. Gunboat

That became my favorite in-game Boom Beach is a gunboat. Gunboat is a support vessel, which can launch missiles to destroy enemy bases or throwing the medicine cabinet to re-healing forces, and many other support is provided along with the upgrade.
Maybe if in Clash of Clans same function as spell, but to use them requires Elixir and to get it takes time for his training. The new capabilities gunboat acquired along with the ability to upgrade Headquarter and Energy requires that every battle will be filled again.

Is Your Husband Son Mam? See Positive Side

We often think, has a husband who behave like a ‘child mother’ is that as much as possible avoided. We assume that a husband like this always lead to conflict in the household.

Knowingly or not, any differences that we have encountered in the household could potentially be a conflict and sparked a quarrel between husband and wife. Conflicts will be more sharp when we see the husband as a child mummy is so upsetting.

We will be protracted hated his guts are often comparing us with the figure of the mother. Being wishy washy and seem less responsible.

The inadequacies of the husband who seems more obvious by the day will tire you out. And possibly cause breakdown of a marriage.

How do I address the husband of the mother?

Psychologist Rima Olivia, Psi, in an interview with theAsianparent say about the importance of changing the viewing angle. “As soon as we turn our focus on the lack of the husband as the child’s mother, rows of weaknesses will show up and make us more angry at him.

son mam

Instead, we need to look at the ‘child mother’ as an advantage.

“There are people who probably is not raised by his mother, he will grow into a do not know how to treat women. He became rude, seeing women as objects, and do not know how to respect women.

You can imagine when people like this to be a partner for life, “says the founder of the Consulting Ahmada.

Furthermore psychologist who live in Jakarta also said, “So, you should fix first viewpoint. Think of it as an advantage. ”

Often emotions make us forget the amount of excess husband we call the child’s mother. For example: patient, gentle and caring. In addition, do not forget, good habits mother-in-law also decline significantly in children.

Virtues that make up the person of a man, maybe we chose him to be my husband, because we are interested in the position. Attitude is the fruit of education of the mother.

By changing the angle of view, we will accept the shortcomings of the husband as a complement of the advantages we have. Instead, our lack enhanced by the advantages of the husband.

Assessing something positive will help us foster a healthy relationship, harmonious and complementary.

For example, if we have a husband who tends fickle and irresponsible, perhaps at the same time we can develop the ability in terms of leading and making decisions. In addition, we can develop the full potential that we have, however, if we are still stuck in negative thinking, of course it would create a conflict that never ended. It did not help solve the problems that we face in married life.

When we are preoccupied with the affairs of reproach and looking for a husband deficiency. Regretted our choice to the man we call the child’s mother. At the same time, perhaps your husband is trying to remain patient. Trying hard to hold back your emotions and not triggered to avenge our attitude explosive and impatient.

In addition, by changing the angle of view, we will better understand obedience to her husband as a natural thing.

Thus the being-in-law did not appear as an opponent to be defeated, but as a friend who has always been a major supporter of us in the face of her husband.

Nutritious and healthy snack recipes

Was looking for a healthy snack recipe ideas?

Children love snacks outside the home? As parents, we should be able to work around this. For children who are happy ice cream, Parents could try a healthy snack recipes this one, red dragon fruit ice cream is super beautiful.

Red dragon fruit contains nutrients that help the growth of the child. Nutrients contained in fruit dragon among the fat, protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals, calcium, phosphorus carotene, and riboflavin.

Vitamin C in dragon fruit also play an important role as antioxidants to counteract free radicals. In addition, the protein content is high enough to function in the child’s metabolic processes.

Dragon fruit also contains carotene which serves to strengthen the brain and maintain the health of your child’s eyes. Quite a lot of the reason for making ice cream dragon fruit as a healthy snack children. Let’s just try a healthy snack recipes this one.

es crim

Ice cream recipes red dragon fruit


1 red dragon fruit, take the meat
2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk (or to taste, and depending on sweetness of fruit)
100 grams of whip cream powder
200 ml of cold milk
How to make ice cream red dragon fruit

Combine dragon fruit and sweetened condensed milk and puree using a blender and set aside. Whisk whip cream and milk with mixer until the texture is quite stiff.

Enter the dragon fruit juice into the batter whip cream, beat until blended and smooth. Pour into an airtight container and store in the freezer until frozen.

Serve immediately, or can be added topping pieces of dragon fruit to be more tempting.

Can also try the dragon fruit ice cream tucked into bread. The way this one of my family’s favorite.

How to Drawing Hooded Woman

This time we will discuss about How to Draw Faces Hooded Woman using a graphite pencil or pencil in black and white. The technique I use is drawing shading techniques. You can see my other articles to find an explanation about shading techniques.

women art

Preparation and Equipment
Perform initial setup by providing equipment for drawing. In practice drawing this time I use Staedtler pencil, pencil size I use is 2B, 3B, 5B. Prepare the eraser, you better also prepare a pencil eraser shaped (photos soon). Shaped pencil eraser, enables you to remove the field that smaller, making it easier for you to give details. You can buy in stores eraser painting tools or stationery store large your city. I use a pencil eraser brands Derwen, please hunt eraser.
For my paper using paper linen color creams, which are usually made of paper drawing. You can buy them in many stores paper, this paper is usually easy to find. Then on the other I will discuss about the various kinds of paper drawings, look at the menu Tips and Tricks.
Make sure you have the board for retaining your paper. Also do not forget you prepare to parapet painting tripod, use a tripod painting tips are solid and not easily swayed or rocking. The latter is preparing to draw a sample.

Started Drawing
A simple way to start is to start drawing a sketch of the face. I usually start by sketching in pencil Staedtler 3B. But you need to adjust the pressure pencil when sketching. Here are the results sighting sketch:

skect proces
Sketch Drawing Process

Note the sketch above, you must set up your pencil pressure. Pencil inscribed not too much pressure. If you are hard to regulate the pressure you are also allowed to use the pencil-sized 2B, 2B pencil drawback is if you Removing them then the rest of the pencil pressure leaving the curve of the line.
The next step is to draw a face with eyes do first. I used to do this, because by doing eye first impression finished painting will be faster so that you can mongoreksi his character thoroughly. You can menggunkanan pencil 5B to give effect to the black in the eye, 5B pencil effect can give the effect of jet-black eyes terliht so sharp. The following appearance:

Draw the eye.

Notice in the picture above, the face image has been seen live by completing the eyes first. You may take 5-10 minutes to complete the picture of the eye. Very easy is not.
The next step is how to draw a face with dark shading gives the overall light on the face, you can use a pencil 5B, I used to use a pencil 5B as this pencil can give dark effect quickly. But you also have to be careful, if the pressure is too strong then the pencil too Hitan effect will be faster. So that the results of shading will look dirty, you should be careful when doing this part of the face. If you are still not able to regulate the pressure on the pencil you can use a pencil 4B or 3B, but you take a concerted long enough time. To view the appearance you can see the following image:

Dark shades of bright pencil 5B.

Next, you need to give a dark shading light again but this time you use a 2B pencil. Use a pencil to the face looks plastic, you must find the differences before and after 2B pencil. Always thoroughly re-dark brightness, if any part of the face is missing the darker the shade the part. On the lips you also have to do with using a 2B pencil. Here is his appearance:

dark face
Finishing using 2B.

You try to put pressure on the pencil are smooth, not too pressed so that the skin looks plastic. The more you wait to give shading then the results will look more refined. Keep using 2B pencil to complete. Correct again if there is the face that is less dark, you can use a pencil 3B, but you have to put pressure subtly pencil.

After construction is complete the next step you have to work on her scarf. There are 2 pencils used in making the veil, which is a pencil 3B and 5B, 3B pencil is used for coloring light dark early, then carefully which parts are darker and use a pencil 5B to give shading. For background, you can give using a pencil 3B and 2B. Following the appearance of the picture.


How to Drawing with Pencil for Newbie

You are student who should be involved in art School class  If yes, then you will usually follow a few sessions drawing class. In some schools even made additional schedule in the form of extracurricular activities for students who are interested in drawing. In addition to using paint paintings, most people prefer to use a pencil to draw. In addition to its classic look, some people also assume that the pencil drawing has unique characteristics that were not found on the painting using paint.

You may not one of them but inevitably you have to produce work using a pencil when your teacher gives a task so. Therefore, as a beginner would not hurt you to try some of the tips below.

Mechanical Drawing With Pencil

Initial step

As a first step in drawing course you must prepare the tools and the medium you will use. The first thing you should do is to choose the right type of pencil to make your image.
Often, to produce an image of high artistic value, the artist uses some pencils from one or two types of a different character according to its purpose.

Because every brand has a respective standards, it would be better if you choose one brand for all characters pencil you need so that they have the same quality standards as well.

The next thing you should do is to choose the right medium or paper to draw. Similarly with the pencil, so many types of paper available in the market with quality standards respectively.

However, as a rule of thumb you can use a type of paper that is soft but not biodegradable or peel off when removed so that the process of shading can run well. The right paper for drawing paper types are able to bind colors and display colors clearly.

You may encounter some paper when removed caused the particles to exfoliate paper and the image becomes corrupted. You also might find a paper that is not too good at absorbing the colors so that the results you get less than the maximum.

Usually a sketchbook (sketchbook) sold in supermarkets tend to have good quality, but you also have to be careful with fake brands.
Mechanical outline

To produce images using a pencil, start your activities by creating an outline or draft outline of the object to be your image. Use a pencil harder to create a line of light.
Generally, an image of the object has two coating lines, namely a line of light is used as a guideline to create the basic shape and the second object is a thicker line as a pointer edges of objects.

Techniques for making a light line is to use subtle movements to generate a bit of pressure and traction. Light lines usually do not look so obvious and usually is often omitted when finishing or shading.

After creating a light line, then the next is to create a heavier line to determine the edges of the object element. Start by retracing the original line with movements and pressure gradually. Start with smooth and then add pressure so that the lines that were formed then seen more clearly.

But the emphasis should also be careful that the line can still be removed if necessary and does not leave marks on paper. At this stage the line that you created is still in the stage of development so that it is still possible incorrect and should be removed.

In addition to movement and pressure, at this stage you should also pay attention to the character of the pencil you use. You have to understand how the right character to create different levels of thickness.

You can use the pencil to draw a thick line. It is better than using a pencil point. Mechanical pencils character selection is very important in making an outline and objects Shadow. Understanding the principles of the master line will allow you to create a better image

Mechanical Crosshatching

Mechanical Crosshatching

Crosshatching technique or crosshatching done using small lines drawn close together. This technique is used for the early stages of the shadow effect of the object. You can draw a line in one direction (hatching) follows the shape of the object so that the object can be recognized better.
You can also use crosshatching technique to create a more realistic look. This will provide more value and depth in your images.

This technique can be done by drawing a line in one direction and then draw another line that crosses the line before making the lines crossing each other. The more and close the line, it will be more realistic impression of the show.

Mechanical circular

Circular technique is a technique for creating contrasting textures to make a circle and a large graffiti. You can make a small circle by moving your pencil with a swirling motion.
This technique is generally carried out in line with the shading technique. A mix of small circles that you created with shading harmony will create the effect of light and dark is more real. This technique is commonly used to create the texture of the skin.

If you create a shadow on the object portraits, then you can use a small solid circles with varying values. If the combination of these are truly compatible, then when someone sees your work, their eyes will blend in with the circles.

Shading techniques

Shading technique is a technique to make a shadow effect on the object. Shading is generally produced through the interaction of light and dark that is visible from the hatch you produce. Generally subtle shadow effect that gives a more aesthetic value ketinbang shadow effects are more rugged.
There are several ways to create subtle shading that is using the pencil pencils to create smooth strokes are adjacent, set crosshatching manner to menibulkan subtle shadow effect.

You can also use the tools to smooth shading in order to get a subtle shadow effect. Some people use cotton as tools, some of them using the eraser even a finger to adjust the color gradation.

To create smooth shading, start with a light line with a starting point that varies then lanjtukan by skimming values (value) to push a little harder to use a softer pencil.
Do not force to use one type of pencil to create value for each pencil has character and function of each. Therefore, you have to really understand the types suitable for manufacturing a shadow effect. You can use shading to create an impression that is more subtle.
The final step in the engineering drawing is finishing. In this stage, you can check your work in more detail before making a final result. Begin training your sensitivity to the slightest deficiency can reduce the aesthetic value of your work.

You can enhance the outline or shading that is still less than perfect. At this stage you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your work. Do not let the small ere cause your hard work less than the maximum. With patience and perseverance, is not impossible that you can produce a high-value work.


Such techniques using pencil drawing for beginners, may be useful. If this article is useful to you, we expect participation to share it to your friends in social media. Thanks.