Things that make people addicted to games

Hello guys you agree on right if that game the most fun activity, and a lot of positive things that we can take. For example the when the mood we again messed up, we continue to play the game, er later the mood we so back fresh again like the beginning. Even in fact could be a continuity and the more fun to make us forget other things that need to be worked on.

Well because make gamers forget do things need to be done, a lot of people argued when playing games it can make addiction, and make gamers forget yourself.? If you think the author anyway, it really depends on the person doing it. But actually, if traced, it turns out there are the factors supporting aspects influenced the addiction to the game play. Want to know what are the factor , ya author details below Yes.

1. Lonely

People are hard to get along, don’t have friends, not anyone could important, it could be a factor of people become addicted to playing games. And when the people chose the game as the ‘ escape ‘ don’t be surprised if he’s going to feel like a ‘ live ‘ back. Because by playing a game they feel is no longer lonely, had many friends, and some were understood. Gamers like this willing to spend everyday of his life just to play games.

2. Prefer Solitude

There are people who like to social but don’t know the right way so that it is hard to get friends, and there are also people who have many friends but prefers to be alone. Well, this second type could also be a factor in the addictive game play. Because it seemed like no other fun activities that can be performed while in solitude. Yes especially if not playing games!

3. find a new world of exciting
People who are lonely and like alone, when finding the games that make it ‘ alive ‘ then it will make the game as her best friend. Because, people like this feel already found his world in the game itself. For those all the tasks given in the game gives them an important purpose, perhaps even more important than the things to be done in the real world.

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pure life garcinia
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List of The Sims 2 Cheat Codes on PS 2

Today I will share the cheat codes for the game The Sims 2 on PlayStation 2. The games have been very boom is still many devotees are up to now. Cannot be denied from children to adults is very fond of human simulation game it seems. The trick will be very easy, if you follow the steps in the following the sims freeplay cheats

sims 2 cheat

To enable Gnome code, you must press the L1, R1, up, X, R2. Gnome code later will function to enter a code which you will choose. When you enable the code below, enter the codes while the game is running not on the front page of the menu.

1. Skill Settings
If you use this code to set or change the ability on your sims. You need to press Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left and then make the interaction or simply pressing the gnome settings on this skill, you can manage ability of logical, mechanical, cooking, and so on. Next choose between the level of 1-10 in accordance with your will.

2. All Open Objects
The code is functioning so that objects are initially locked will open all automatically. To enable this code, press L2, Circle, Down, Left, Up and then make the interaction or click the gnome, next click and select “Unlock All Objects”

3. Open all recipes
If your sims are very hobby once within the realm of cooking or you want to open all the cooking recipes there so your sims can eat all the dishes there. Do I simply press R2, Square, Up, Down, Right, X Up then make interaction or click the gnome in near mail boxes and select “Unlock All Recipes”.

4. All Fashion or clothing is open
You’d love to open up all the clothes that are in the game the sims so Your sims looks the more okay and look fashionable. You just stay press Square, R2, Down, Right, Square Up and then make the gnome or click interaction near the post box and select “Unlock All Fashion”

How To Get Monster Legends Hack Gems

Monster Legends Hack is an artificial application of third parties that you can download for free on the websites of the provider. There are many sites that provide this application. Its function is to assist you in completing the game Monsters of Legend, a game concept that war is becoming the current trendsetter. This game can you get in the Store Play for users of Android and Apps Store for users of iOS on iPhone. Even so, the game requires the tools so that the game can run more smoothly. Then the Monster Legend Hack application was made to facilitate the smooth and gives a great advantage to you as players. One of the widely used features of this application is the Monster Legends Hack Gems.

How to Feature Monster of Legends

Monster of Legends Hack has various features, such as helping You collect, gold, food, and other necessities to make way for the games. One of them is Monster Legends Hack Gems, where you can get a lot of gems aka gems to be collected and then used throughout the game to run. These gems are of course have important functions, among other things to increase the strength of the character being played as well as a source of Defense game you. The characters of this game are known as the monsters, which is divided into several levels and categories, according to your level. The abundance of gems also helps you to accelerate the process of the game and advance to the next level.

Monster Legends Hack Gems
In order to acquire Monster Legends Hack Gems, this first of all of course you must first download the Monster Legend Hack on the site provider. You can just click on the link provided, follow the steps, and any downloaded files. Afterwards, you can simply connect the application with the game. However, if you download them using smartphones, this application automatically will be directly connected with the game Monster Legend. Automatically anyway, this app will help you gather gold, gems, food, and other more quickly and easily. This application system is already assured of its security. In addition, the steps and the given menu is also easy to understand and operate.

8 Ball Pool Cash and Coin Hack

8 Ball Pool game for android is a very favored by young people and the boat at this time where this game presents playing 8 ball pool online and can play with your friends on social media and young friends on the boat at this time especially on Facebook, Gmail, or directly enrolled you in its official website 8 Ball Pool. With over abundance of game enthusiasts make lots of keywords in a google search regarding 8 Ball Pool Hack to get cash and coin easily.
This happens because most of the players are 8 Ball Pool just coins and does not have enough cash to buy it as well as the bonus of a game is not enough to play or compete with other opponents so the 8 Ball Pool Hack to get cash and coin a lot on search engine google disbursement.

8 ball pool hack coins
As for the 8 Ball Pool Hack coin and cash once the most widely used player in the conduct of 8 Ball Pool hack is by way of program

1. Whaff Rewards

install the application called Whaff Rewards which you can directly download it on the website of the services available on Smartphones that provide download this application for free and in the process did you require to install in advance the application and login using your Facebook account after login you will be prompted to enter a code to allow you to get your first balance and to increase the balance of your can perform tasks that are given from that application which you can see on the menu of the application after the balance you feel enough then you can exchange the coins for you to play in a game of 8 Ball Pool

2. 8 Ball Hack Tool

Nowadays Many once a hack tool can be used to add a resource games, you might try one of them, and it’s no wonder many are increasingly wearing it, but not only that there must be certain conditions in order to get a coins, can position your android rooting, bots, paid etc.

Surely this way is highly sought after by players 8 ball pool because it can be done easily and has proven its success by following the tasks task given that application for currency and coin reward 8 Ball Poll so that the players can play back the coin Exchange Task doing a task from the results of the application of the hack 8 Ball Pool hack.

The advantages of the Dragon in the update of the latest COC

Clash of Clans Dragon Troops Update, one of the troops in the Clash of the Clan is the character of the Dragon is more Ferocious than usual because the character could be upgraded to Level 5 so that it can increase damage to the opponent’s base will be greater than that normally

Based on the information that is loaded by a page ItcPos the character of the Dragon level 6 different than usual and much brighter if the drive Dragon at level 1 to level 5 has a color of green, purple, Brown and maroon then Dragon 6 thus have citizens who are brighter red as here as delivered by the Supercell developers Clash of Clans

dragon clash of clans

Maximize 100 Dragon the player must destroy air defense with a number of lightning spell, so the way you win the battle clash of Clan will be noticeably faster besides the Dragon level 6 other characters simply suck up attention in baby dragon that has now been upgraded to level 5 What perbeda dragon and baby Dragon level 4 baby Dragon level 5 certainly stronger than the previous level with instances when attacked by hidden Tesla with baby Dragon level 5 has health rnyawa that more than 5 letters as for the strike rate of baby Dragon level 5 diameter per second as much as 115 overcome point have cost quite expensive for training it takes about as much Gold econd 115, damage per hit 115, attach points around 1,600 a laboratory level 9 true baby dragon has a Defense like the Wizard we can attack the enemies on the ground and even air the baby dragon can Even damage nearby object

Few tips to know the Dragon in updated Clash of Clans with no expectation these tips you can better understand the strength of their respective troops to boost the power of your town hall, and maybe you can be a top player in clans war you may be useful and for ways and other tips about clash of clans you can donwload here

Get Free Crystals Summoners War Hack

Did you ever play the summoners war games? If ever no doubt you know the rules of the game that is in the game on this one. This game is a game created by the creators that came from South Korea and grouped in a company by the name of come to us. Games this one carrying the gendre RPG or role-playing game rule, which is very good with graphic design is very interesting.

summoners war crystal hack

In this game you must complete a daily mission to do battle. The battle can be done in several places such as and guild battle. In this fight You will be assisted by the monsters you have, this can summon monsters or to call by using the scroll. However there are many types of monsters in this game with different capabilities and marked with stars, ranging from one star to six stars. Where the stars with great numbers have high capability. so it is not surprising if the gamers target a monster was born with a high number of stars such as five star.

To get a five star monsters, you can perform some of the following tips:
• You must collect at least 5 pieces scroll unknown, after that and also a mystical scroll or Crystal fruit as much as 75 pieces.
• Further if you already have 1 mystical scroll or Crystal as much as 75 pieces, you have to carrying the or call the monsters.
• Do summon monsters using unknown scroll by as much as two tau three times, so you’ve got star monsters get 2 or 3 successive consecutive.
• Do summon once again by using a mystical scroll or use the Crystal, if you luck you will get a 5-star monster.

In addition to the above manner you can have five star monster using summoners war crystal hack, which is an application for Your help to get the crystal or mystical scroll. With this application you can free the crystals summoners war, because this application can be used for free.

Update Card Mega Minion Clash royale

Supercell announced that they will be adding new cards in this game gradually for 2 weeks once, IE: Mega Minion, Ice Golem, and Inferno Dragon, as well as a Graveyard. Well, until the time of this writing is created, a new Mega Minion just released by Supercell. As strong as if this new card? Then, how did the how to use it?

Before we discuss how to use the Mega Minion, it’s good we see first stats of this card. Keep in mind, that the statistics below are for standard statistics tournament Clash Royale. In addition, these statistics can also be changed later on when there is a new update of the Supercell. The following are his statistics:

mega minion clash royale

A combination of 3 Minion

Mega rare card included in the Minion that you can find on the Arena 7. If you see the stats above, you will realize that this unit has a health and damage of 3 minions are merged into one. Although similar, it turns out that there are some differences and advantages to this, Minion Mega lho!

Resistant to Fireball, Arrow, and Zap

Unlike the Minions, this unit is resistant to Zap, Arrow, and Fireball
Unlike with regular Minions, minions using iron armor is resistant to Fireball, Arrow and Zap. Therefore Mega Minion suited to survive.

Have A Great Resistance To Damage

Because the base damage of his great unit, this one could beat Princess with at once! Coupled with assistance from the Tower, Mega Minion can beat even before Sparky Sparky had attacked. In addition, this unit can also be defeated the Baloon like Minions — with a note: this unit is resistant to Arrow. However, keep in mind, because of its slow speed, you should be able to put this unit in the right position before attacking the Baloon.

Very Fit To Survive

As already mentioned earlier, Mega Minion is suitable to hold on. Besides being able to defeat Princess, Sparky and Baloon, one unit is also suitable for holding Baby Dragon, Fire and Lava Spirit Hound. Oh, and you can also use this card to hold the Miner as well as Hog! And the most special is, Mega Minion able to withstand nearly all units with high health such as Valkyrie, Lumberjacks, and Pekka.

How To Record Games in Android Clash of Clans

Hai Clashers many people had not thought of several people who recorded then uploaded youtube games, can earn money, but how to record the video through handpone, you want to know sure you Like to play the game Clash of Clans? Want to capture the moment of the attack and defense in the COC into a video? It was very easy. For how to record Clash of Clans (COC) in Android, you only need to use screen recorder application called SCR Screen Recorder Pro.

But before using this app, make sure you’re already at the root Android. If not at the root, the application will not be able to walk. Please read this article How To Root Android

How to Record At Play Clash of Clans Online Hack

SCR Screen Recorder Pro Download and Install your searching playstore
Open Pro SCR his application and select Settings to make arrangements
Screen Recording Android With SCR Pro
how to record coc hack
Set on the menu Audio> Source> Internal
When you have finished making the settings, return to Home and press the Orange button to start record
How to Record Screen Android

record game clash of clansStart Recording Play Games Online
When pressing the Orange, the recording has begun. Time to record the game Clash of Clans into video
Clash of Clans how to record in Android

To finish recording, just press the power button once and let the screen is off for 2 seconds. SCR will automatically stop recording and the video will be stored in your phone’s memory. Get now Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans Recording Playing Games Video Chect out

Playstation2 Sport Cheats Grip-Your Seat In The Quick Lane ?

The PSP is 1 of the best systems you can use for transportable entertainment. However, in some methods it is not as transportable as it could be. Why? Well, in purchase to function the method, you must use an UMD disc, the main medium for storing PSP games and films. Granted, UMD discs are extremely little, but they are still an annoyance to maintain up with, particularly if you have an entire bunch of them. In reality, if you have too numerous UMDs, you’ll have to get a carrying package large enough to hold everything. This can get in the way if you’re the kind that desires to keep the PSP in your pocket or purse.

Die-hard gamers although are very vigilant in checking these who use GTA V money hack especially if they themselves know a game is extremely vulnerable to cheating. The simplest type of multiplayer sport to manipulate with a video games cheat can be the “asynchronous peer-to-peer sport.” This network method is 1 whereby a Computer is accountable for defining a participant’s character and its interaction with the relaxation of the globe.

I would have by no means purchased Sandy Seaside, 1 of the Wii Ware titles for obtain on the Nintendo Wii, experienced I known how terrible and unplayable it is. The exact same goes for Rag Doll Kung Fu. Sure, there are reviews, but I don’t like based on reviews to make my investing choices when I frequently find that I like games that get bad critiques and vice versa from time to time. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid particular games that get “average” evaluation scores only to play them later and find that I truly enjoyed the encounter. But that is a various problem entirely. The point is, there is rarely a great barometer to inform the consumer the quality of an game hacks apart from an outright purchase. Following all, it’s just $5 dollars, right? How poor can it be?

As somebody who has played mafia wars for a lengthy time now and understands every little bit of the sport, I will be honest with you and say there is unfortunately no such “cheat code” for the mafia wars game. Nevertheless there are several things you can do that will help you grow your mafia, get Godfather factors and place you on an extremely quick monitor to turning into a Mafia Wars Godfather in no time.

In conclusion, Farmville cheats for Fb can function, but you danger getting your Farmville account banned if you use them. I always recommend staying away from cheats for Farmville on Facebook so you gained’t get your account banned. With that stated, there are issues you can do to get ahead in Farmville. There are Farmville secrets that only a choose few people know, and you need to discover those secrets to get forward fast in the sport. As soon as you get forward in the game, you can be the top Farmer that your neighbors look to for guidance.

One of the significant dangers is which you will spoil your each and each is you play indignant birds on-line for a long time., This is simply simply because whenever you keep staring in the pc keep track of for long hrs continuously, then the only way that this can finish is by creating a great deal of harm to the eyes. So, to stop this problem, you should make sure which you steer clear of taking part in constantly.

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